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Today it is becoming more common for burglars to cut the telephone lines before they break in.  By doing this they have successfully removed the link between your property and the central station. 

Underground telephone lines are just as vulnerable as overhead telephone lines because they are also accessible at the street and at the house.  

Today, with a wide use of digital telephone services provided by cable companies your telephone connection now depends on electricity to operate properly.  In the event of a power failure either within your home or business or outside between you and the cable company headquarters you can loose your telephone service, whereby rendering your security system communication path inoperative.

Custom Security can install several types of backup links to help better protect you.  We offer two-way and cellular radios depending upon your location and proximity to the network. Either of these will provide you with an alternative to your telephone line with the central station that is so vulnerable. 

Protect AgainstThere are many other factors which effect the reliability of a telephone line.  Weather conditions such as snow, wind and falling trees can render you unprotected. Construction equipment and automobile accidents also have an effect on telephone service.

To learn more about how you can better protect your telephone connection to the central station contact us.


You now have the ability to control and see events with your security system remotely on a pc or smart phone with Total Connect 2.0 Service .  To see a demo  click here:     Total Connect 2.0 Demo




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