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Magnetic Contacts:  35% of burglars break in through the front door and 25% enter through the back door, 30% enter through a window!  It is critical to protect these openings with magnetic contacts. This is the basis for any good security system.  Magnetic contacts will detect an intruder while they are still on the outside of your home.

Magnetic contacts can also be installed wireless where is is difficult to run wires or where more flexibility is needed.  They are powered by a long life lithium battery, and supervised for extremely reliable protection. 

Motion Detector:  As the name explains, this device detects motion inside the home.  If the intruder enters through an unprotected opening, or through a window or door without opening it, this device will catch them.  If you are a pet lover there are motion detectors which can be installed which can tell the difference between a small pet weighing up to 70 lbs and a crawling intruder.  This is the second line of defense in your security system. It cannot be activated while you are moving within the house, it is used when everyone is away or gone to bed at night. These can be hardwired or wireless.

Glassbreak Detector: These are usually used in homes containing a large amount of glass. When you consider that breaking glass is the most common way of entering, installing a glassbreak detector isn't a's a necessity.

Smoke Detector:  We all know how important these can be in any home.  However, the important thing to remember about our smoke detectors that differs from those you buy in a hardware store, is that ours can be monitored by a central station.  That way if fire strikes and you are not home, the central station will notify the fire department.  It can mean the difference between returning to a total disaster or minimal damages. It is not a tough decision to make.  Available in hard wired and wireless they can be installed anywhere they are needed. 


Keypads: If you can use a telephone, you will be able to use these keypads.  Located near the door you enter most, these control the operation of the security system. They also have panic keys to summon the police, fire, or medical assistance.  Operated by a 4 digit number, all systems allow for several different codes to be used by anyone you want to give access.

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Wireless Keys and Keypads:  For portable operation of your security system we have a variety of remote control devices to arm and disarm, activate a panic or duress, turn lights on and off, or open the garage door.  




Need a wireless emergency button?  Medical alert button?  Personal panic?  Any of these can be used to activate a quick response from the proper authorities.



Custom Security has a complete line of hard wired and wireless devices to meet even the toughest installations.  Call us today for your free security survey.


Wireless Security Systems

Lynx Touch


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With the NEW Lynx Touch and Total Connect 2.0 Service you can access and control your system from any PC or smart phone.  By adding the on site cameras to the system you can even watch activity in real time.  





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