1986 -  27th ANNIVERSARY  -  2013




False alarms have become a critical problem for police and fire departments. Besides wasting valuable time, they have become an ever-increasing drain on the resources of many local communities.  As an alarm user please take the time to review these tips that can save you and local authorities time and money.

If your trip your alarm by accident be sure to reset the system and contact the central station, give them your pass code and let them know it was an accident. Be sure everyone who has access to your security system knows the pass code.

There are many things which can cause a false alarm. Forgetting to bypass the motion detectors when you, your dog or cat are in the house can cause a false alarm.  Helium balloons  left in the view of a motion detector, curtains moving with a window open in view all can cause a false alarm

Please test your system --- the right way

Its important to test your alarm system frequently but it is just as important to make sure you know how to do it.  Always refer to your manual or alarm company instructions.  Always make sure you call the central station first and put the system on "test".  Remember to call them back after you're done testing and verify they received the signals you sent, and let them know you are finished testing. When testing the various parts of your system remember to include the smoke detectors.

Many police and fire departments charge for more than 3  false alarms per year.  Be sure you know how to use your alarm. 




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